About Us

IIEBM is one of the best B Schools in Pune, established in the year 2000 by Shrimant Vijaysinh Naik Nimbalkar Alias Shivajiraje, scion of the ruling family of Phaltan, District Satara and Col. Vinod Marwaha, a visionary, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. At IIEBM, we foster core values into all our leaders in making that is personified by the word ‘ASPIRE’ which stands for:

Attitude: Our student’s approach and outlook towards people, work, tasks, and responsibilities will always be positive and proactive.
Self-discipline: Our students will be self-disciplined, irrespective of whether being observed or not, in whatever they do.

Perseverance: Our students will never give up till the goal is achieved & mission accomplished.

Intelligence: Our students will always be found to excel in whatever they do, by virtue of their strong foundation of knowledge and meticulous planning.

Resourcefulness & Reliability: Our students will be solution providers and can be entrusted with responsibilities.

Ethical: Our student’s actions will be conducted following the highest standards of ethics, honesty and personal integrity.


All students who aspire to join this Institute would be expected to live and abide by the Core Values which are a trademark that differentiates IIEBM students from the crowd.

We believe in mutual cooperation from parents as well students. Every activity is successful when it is uninterrupted and we extend our gratitude to every parent and student who has invested their faith in us for making this learning process a great success. Therefore, we have a Code of Conduct and a Student’s Welfare Fund to make every student understand the importance of discipline that eventually leads to success!