How to Plan ahead and make yourself Proactive Rather than Reactive!
Let’s ponder over these scenarios: Do you react to the events happening around you or do you take initiative to participate and control the events? Do you think in terms of the present or do you look to the future, anticipating outcomes and preparing for the consequences? Do you make decisions only when you have […]
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How to Manage Working with Difficult People
Troublesome individuals exist at every work place. They come in each assortment and no working environment is without them. How troublesome a person is for you to manage relies upon your self-regard, your self-assurance, and sensibility. Managing these troublesome individuals is less demanding when the individual is by and large repulsive or when the conduct […]
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What should you do for optimal utilization of two years at Post Graduate Program?
The two Years of Post Graduation is a great opportunity to broaden your network and relations while interacting with other students and business leaders through seminars and Industry interface. It is the time when you can acquire the required know-how about the business world – learning new skills, improving overall personality and enjoying each and […]
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What factors to consider while selecting a B-School
Thinking of a global career with an international edge?  Today, business degrees are amongst the most popular degrees offered by various colleges and universities. The growth is projected in the job market of almost all the business sectors, thereby studying business and leadership programs are sure to be an investment for the future. Choosing the […]
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Building leaders for Leading Change Management in different Organizations
Building leaders for leading Change Management in different Organizations
Much research on management and organizations clearly show that today, organizations are working in a very complex and dynamic environment. Thus, it’s very important for the organizations to undergo ‘change’ in order to survive the face of a crisis. These transformations are perceived as a critical driver for any organization’s success as well as an […]
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