“Time is what we want most but what we use the worst”, said William Penn and it is nothing but the bitter truth! A person is wise only when he uses his time wisely and efficiently.

Time management is all about making the most effective use of your time and working smarter, not harder. It requires planning, and then sticking to the plan – and that takes discipline.

Time management or self-management is having aclear focus on time in deciding what to do, how much time to allocate to activities, how activities can be done more efficiently  and when the time is right for particular activities. Time management is more crucial than it may come across to be.

Students lead hectic lives. For them it is mandatory that they strike a balance between their coursework, part-time jobs or internship, family and social life, recreational activities and, of course, have some rest and relaxation! Academic success comes only when, effective time management skills, habits and strategies are put into place. Self discipline is the crux to time management!

So, why is time management so eminent?

First and foremost, time management gets you sorted. Time management helps you prioritize your work. After you have your list of daily tasks down, you need to figure out what you should do first. Those that are important should be the first ones you should tackle.

Should the students learn this lesson first or do this activity first? Yes, very much! It would help them allocate time to all the activities they want to do in a day and keep them focused while balancing all the aspects of their life.

With time management, you get more things done in less time. Once you map out your tasks and time, you can figure out how much time you can put into the task.

Here are a few effective tips using which you can manage your time like a pro.

  1. Goal Setting: It is important that you set realistic goals. You know yourself the best and only you could be the best judge of what you can achieve. You must set yourselves goals that you think are achievable for you and are not exorbitant. This helps in better planning and better focus!
  2. Prioritization: You must prioritize your work and allocate time and the finishing preference accordingly. This helps in getting the focus straight and finishing the important tasks right on time. Classifying the tasks in different categories like most important, urgent, less important or less urgent, etc. gives clarity and helps in prioritizing.
  3. Make a schedule: Being a student is demanding. A student has to juggle between multiple tasks and also actively participate in all the activities. Having a schedule will not sort out the time allocation but will also lead to optimum utilization of the day.
  4. Make a to do list: It is important that one knows what all tasks he has to cover in the day. Once he is clear about it, it gets easier to plan the day and allocate time accordingly.
  5. Efficient Planning: Planning is the most important aspect of time management. Unless you plan your day and your tasks you cannot manage your time. Assigning time slots and distribution work brings out the efficiency of the individual and helps in giving best results.
  6. Eliminate Procrastination & Distractions: Time management is all about being focused. Once you have dedicated your time to a certain task you should make sure you complete it in the stipulated time without any distraction. Procrastination is a complete no no! Sticking to the schedule without any distractions helps in efficient management of the day.
  7. Exercise & Sleep: A healthy body is a must for the healthy mind. For having a neatly managed day one must feel fresh and enthusiastic throughout the day. And it is possible only when one has slept well and exercised well.

Inculcating these habits in your routine will surely give you a better managed and a fulfilling day. It goes without saying that a properly managed day is more productive and fruitful.

In today’s tech savvy world, everything is done in a smart way. Due to easy access to internet and competitive rates of smart phones, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t own a phone or is not acquainted with one. So to make life even more simple, there are a few useful time management Apps that are available. These Apps not only make things simple for you but also get you organized.  Here is a quick link and an overview of few such Apps.

  1. Google Keep: It is a pin-board style App which allows its users to pin notes, make lists and add photos onto a well designed and easily updateable homepage which works across Android devices.
  2. 30/30: This App allows you to set timers and complete specific tasks. It allows user to complete tasks easily with gestures and swipes.
  3. Focus Booster: This online App helps you break up the schedule into manageable chunks. The idea is to split up the task and achieve more efficiency by doing the tasks in allotted timeline.

So what is it you are still waiting for? You know the importance of time management and now you also know the apps that can help you manage your time. So get going and get managing!


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