Convocation Ceremony & Awards

Convocation Ceremony & Awards

At IIEBM, we believe in recognizing and rewarding sincere, hardworking and committed students.

It is pertinent to note that awards are not only given at the time of the convocation ceremony but round the year based on the different activities / competitions / events that students participate in.

Awards are also not only instituted for academics but also for extra-curricular / out-bound activities, social work, internal competitions (quiz, debate, presentations etc), placement activities, field projects, sports competitions etc.

Awards during the Convocation Ceremony:

1. The Best Performance Award for-

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial management
  • Human Resources management
  • Operation Management
  • Information Technology Management.

2. Trophy for the Best Project Report.

3. Trophy for the Best Girl student in Academics.

4. Trophy for the Best Boy student in Academics.

5. Trophy for Resourcefulness.

6. Trophy to the student who could create the ‘WOW FACTOR’.

7.  Late Raja Madhav Rao, Raosaheb Patwardhan, Raja of Miraj, Trophy for best Student in Communication Skills.

8. Trophy for Best Over All Performance.

9. BDB Trophy for Best Student in Marketing Management & Market Research.

10. Shri. Gangadhar Mittal Trophy for Entrepreneurship.

11. Shrimant Laxmi Devi Naik Nimbalkar, Rani Saheba of Phaltan, Trophy for Best Lady Student.

12. Dr.B.S. Marwaha Trophy for Best Gentleman student.

13. Shrimant Shivaji Raje Naik Nimbalkar Trophy for Best All Round Student.

Awards given on an ongoing basis / round the semester:

1. Awareness award for the students who reports to the management about any malpractice or antisocial or anti- national activity, which may come to his/her notice.

2. Best traditionally dressed male and female student.

3. Top 3 Best Presenter Awards.

4. Most Active Club Award.

5. OMT Winning Team Award.

6. Best OMT Presentation Award.

7. Award for Best Theme in T-shirt painting competition.

8. Award for Best ‘Business Plan’.

9. Best Self- Disciplined Girl & Boy student of the year.

10. Award for participation in maximum activities/ committees.

11. Best Innovative Award.

Awards at Convocation