What factors to consider while selecting a B-School

Thinking of a global career with an international edge?  Today, business degrees are amongst the most popular degrees offered by various colleges and universities. The growth is projected in the job market of almost all the business sectors, thereby studying business and leadership programs are sure to be an investment for the future.

Choosing the right business school plays a crucial role in making the most of your business education. There are many things to consider while selecting a good business school – the most important is whether the B-school chosen by you has a AICTE approval i.e. All India Council for Technical Education.

Not only does the approval matter, but also the reputation of the institution and years of existence, its vision, mission to drive the institution while understanding the market pulse and aiding students to dive in the placement market headlong. A specialist in the field who understands the market trends and moulds its courses and pedagogy accordingly is a fertile ground for business education.

Experienced faculty members from diverse industry background and academia plays a vital role in helping you learn the key elements in modern methods of conducting business in a tough and competitive market place. Their experience and understanding of the subject matter clubbed with hands on exposure to real life situations will benefit the student immensely.

A B-School has to have strong pillars deep in the ground in the form of Wide Alumni Network thick in the corporate sector. This strongly supports the fresher’s for a hand holding and further for apt corporate openings, thus easing your way to become a resourceful business professional.

B-school is not only about job openings but also the overall development of an individual, which fosters creativity, innovation, strategic planning, organizing, leading and co-coordinating. The wide arrays of these strengths are polished in the B-school through lectures, seminars, workshop trainings, assessment centers and out bound lessons. It is not just the classroom training that is offered, but the ample learning opportunities that the college provides in form of events, guest lectures, functions, festivals thus proving the return on investment cost in next 15 to 18 months after employment.

The B-school while providing this should not aim at a huge quantity of seats but quality delivery to further build the nation. Last but not the least the location of the institute should be in such a city that attracts companies and businesses that offers both learning engagements and placement opportunities.

The above points will help you in choosing the best business school for yourself among the many that you refer too or inquire about. Remember that the school should be able to address your academic as well as professional needs and goals in the long run.

Best Luck in the all your future endeavors.


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